"Knowledge may
give weight,

                              but accomplishments give luster,
                                   and many more people see than weigh.--  Earl of Chesterfield

Documentaries "48 Hours on Crack Street" "Smoking Laws" "Hurricane Gilbert
at the Gulf of Mexico"
"Gamblers in Las Vegas" "Life & Times" "Infertility"
"Sea Warriors/Navy Seals" "Arrow Plane Crash" "Runaways"
"Hawaiian Volcanoes" "The Universe" "New River"
"Global Dumping Ground" "Yellowstone Bears" "Family Abuse in Minneapolis"
"Liberation Theology" "The Last Condor" "State Visit of Queen Elizabeth to California"
War Beirut, Lebanon, Syrian Missile Crisis, Panama, Nicaragua, Argentina, El Salvador
Assassination South Korea - President Park, Rome - Pope John Paul
Earthquakes Mexico City, El Salvador, San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles
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