"Know thyself."
              --  Linnaeus


Carl Gilman
Director Of Photography

As a young boy of 7 Carl used his 'Brownie Hawkeye' camera to shoot pictures and put together stories for albums. Starting at age 19 he began freelancing for local papers such as The San Diego Tribune, which he continued doing until the early 1960s when he bought his first movie camera, allowing him to shoot footage for local television stations. After catching the eye of Ray Wilson (KFMB), he began an 11 year stint at Channel 8, which was ended only by a union strike in 1975, after which Carl decided to once again return to freelancing. He took out a sizable loan on his house and purchased all of the equipment he would need along with a van to store it all in so he could be ready at a moments notice. Since that time Carl has been constantly trotting the globe, filming everything from a meeting with Prince Charles, to wars and disasters, crack dens, and even the '84 Olympics.



Golden Mike
"Cancer, Is the Cure in Tijuana?"


"I live like a Fireman, the bell rings
and I go..."
-- Carl Gilman

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